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Worst Game of the Week on 9/11/10?

May 6, 2010

It looks as though the Eagles are in the early running for Worst Game of the Week for 9/11. Having already picked EMU to be the worst team in 2010 (my response), the Orlando Sentinal has now picked Miami University (this is my blog, and I refuse to stick an “OH” after it: there’s one Miami University and one University of Miami, learn the difference!) as the fourth worst team (that’s #117, if you prefer to count from the top), for an average ranking of 118.5 for that game.

If Eastern had managed a winning season in the last decade, I might complain about the soft schedule, but as it is, I’ll just be glad that the first two games are winnable, before the Eagles face the defending MAC champion Central Michigan Chippewas and then head down to Columbus.


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