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Grand opening for “The Bubble”

June 14, 2010
Eastern michigan University indoor practice facility

The Bubble

The grand opening for the new indoor practice field, which, for lack of an official name, I call “The Bubble”, is scheduled for tomorrow  (6/15/10) morning. The Bubble saw its first use just a week ago; it was used for a football appreciation picnic on 6/5 and for a football passing clinic on 6/6.

The grand opening ceremony, led by President Susan Martin, Board of Regents chair Roy Wilbanks, and athletic director Derrick Gragg, will start at 10 a.m. Following the ceremony, The Bubble will be open for the public to walk through until 7 p.m., and there will be free hot dogs, signed football, and other give-aways.

I knew that The Bubble had gone up quickly, but until recently, I hadn’t realized just how quickly this all came about. The Bubble only received regental approval last July. To go from approval, to construction, to opening in less than 12 months is really pretty remarkable, and I think it speaks to the current administration’s commitment to getting things done. (As President Martin said about the current capital campaign, “We want to get this done early and move on to the next campaign.”)


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