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STUDENT-athlete report: record GPA, worrisome APR

June 16, 2010
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Amidst all the other news and goings-on the past few days, I almost missed this nice tidbit:

At the Board of Regents meeting yesterday, President Martin announced that the EMU athletic department reported a 3.066 GPA for winter 2010, which was the best in school history.

Congratulations to all the STUDENT-athletes who made this happen, and to all the staff, tutors, etc. who assisted!

Academic Progress Rate (APR) numbers, an NCAA measurement of student-athlete retension averaged over four years, were also recently announced. 1,000 is a perfect (good) score, and four-year averages below 925 can lead to penalties including scholarship losses. Eastern Michigan’s football team clocked in at 932, near the middle of the MAC, while the men’s basketball team earned a 943, also near the middle of the MAC. However, the single-year performance for both programs was low–919 for men’s basketball and 913 for football (coaching changes often lead to low APR scores)–and they’ll have to do better next year to keep the programs out of trouble. No MAC football teams received penalties for the APR, but Toledo’s men’s basketball team will lose two scholarships, and Ball State’s men’s basketball team might also lose scholarships. Also worth noting, the EMU women’s tennis team scored a perfect 1,000 on the APR!

For more APR numbers, see: Orlando Sentinal’s list of every FBS football team; The Buffalo News list for MAC football and men’s basketball; explains APR.

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