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One more pre-season ranking:

June 17, 2010

I thought I was pretty well done reading pre-season analyses, but is too big to ignore, and I think their analysis is probably get better than any other pre-season analysis I’ve seen for EMU this summer. I still think 2-4 wins is about where the Eagles will end up, and I think that will put them a little higher than #117, but if they come in at the low end (2 wins), I think this is not out of line. Actually, the biggest surprise here was reading that even at 0-12, Eastern Michigan only ended 2009 ranked #110 — nine spots higher than I would have put them!

Here’s the key quote from this analysis:

A key to how the season is going to progress is a Game 2 visit to Miami (Ohio), which also was awful last season. If the running game comes around, the Eagles actually have a shot at a .500 record.

As I previously wrote, the Eastern Michigan game at Oxford on 9/11/10 may well be the worst game of the week, but a bad win is still a win.

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