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Tuesday Tidbits: Women’s Football Clinic edition

July 27, 2010

Photos from the Football 101 Clinic for Women are up on Facebook. I haven’t seen the official numbers, but an attendee estimated that there were about 100 participants. Due to the storms, the morning portion of the clinic was held in The Bubble, while the afternoon portion was in Rynearson Stadium.

EMU men’s basketball coach Charles Ramsey will be a participant in “The Game That Never Was”. The 1973 Little League National All-Stars (including Ramsey) will finally play the American League All-Stars. The teams didn’t play in 1973 because the Ypsilanti National Little League lost its charter when Carolyn King joined the all-boys league.

“We are all almost 50,” King said. “We have heard of a few who are hauling their glove out for the first time in years. Yes, we’ll have oxygen and defibrillators standing by.”

The game will be at 1 pm, August 21 (during the Heritage Festival) at Frog Island Park, and there will be no admission charge — after all, it’s Little League!

Grant Freking offers 12 Reasons Why the Ohio State Buckeyes Will Go 12-0 in 2010 on Bleacher Report. Number4? “Ohio State will give EMU an English lesson

Frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed that Ohio State is playing Eastern Michigan…Watch for: The second team offense and defense to get a lot of work. In the end: Buckeyes win by at least 40.

Reason #13, of course, is Ohio State’s relatively easy schedule.

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