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Tuesday Tidbits: MSNC cheers edition

August 10, 2010

October 1903 Normal News

Ypsilanti history blog Dusty Diary shares several MSNC cheers from 107 years ago.

Here’s what you can do. It’s historically accurate and fun, a rare combination. Just memorize these authentic old EMU cheers. In the privacy of your own room work them over until you feel that you have them perfect. Then–Yell. The next time you’re taking the #4 bus past EMU, just bust one out. Add some synchronized movements. You will attract the attention of your busmates, and that, my friend, is what we call a conversational opportunity. You can teach THEM the chant. Heck, yell it with enough energy and you’ll get the whole bus doing it! Even the too-cool-for-school teen slouching in the corner over his iPod. You’ve got to reach them when they’re young.

Johnny Sears may not be such a long shot to make the Cincinnati Bengals roster. reports that the former EMU Eagle “continues to impress the coaching staff with his ability to make plays.”

The Blog Hawgs predicts Vanderbilt will go 1-11 this fall, and I’m sure you can guess where that one win will come.

Thank God for Eastern Michigan. After earning just two wins last year, Vandy should be able to count on a win against EMU. The rest of the schedule is for the birds.

Brian De Los Santos, in the CBS Sports blog Screaming in Digital, considers the worst schools in football and men’s basketball combined.

Eastern Michigan: 12-47 in football over the past five years, 0-12 last year and 1-11 in 2006. The basketball team was actually pretty decent last year going 17-15. It was the first time they finished above .500 in 10 years.

Phil Steele takes a look at FBS home and away records over the past decade. No surprise that EMU is near the bottom of the home records list (116) and at the bottom of the road records list (120). But here’s something to think about: even for a team as bad as the Eagles have been over the last decade, the difference between their home winning percentage and road winning percentage is more than 25%. If the percentages held constant, EMU would have gained nearly a win a year by scheduling all their non-conference games at home, the way the big football schools do.

The problem with that, of course, is that  the big football schools pay for those non-conference home games, and EMU gets paid for their non-conference road games. Eastern Michigan just doesn’t have the money to do that, and it costs them wins.


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