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New uniforms

August 31, 2010

EMU will roll out their new uniforms this Saturday, to go with the new helmets. According to ESPN:

Poor Eastern Michigan went 0-12 last year. Will a new uniform help? Eh, probably not, but at least it’s a visual improvement, and the players are no doubt pleased that their names will be on this set. And to cap things off, the Eagles have a new facemask color, plus the “E” logo is now a bit larger and blockier, and the green shell a bit darker.

I wouldn’t call the “E” on the helmet “a bit larger and blockier”, I’d call it monstrous. Take a look at this actual photo. Yikes! The right side of the “E” is almost closed off!

The uniforms, however, are a big improvement. Most noticable, the players’ names will now be on the back. They’ve also ditched the side/under-arm shading, cut out all the black, and added opposing color panels over the shoulders. Here’s a link to high-resolution images of both home and road uniforms.

So what do you think? Do the jersey improvements outweigh the helmet problems?

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