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MAC blogger pick ’em, week 1

September 1, 2010

The full list of picks can be found at Bull Run.

I picked: Ball State over Southeast Missouri State (consensus), Buffalo over Rhode Island (consensus), Central Michigan over Hammond (consensus), Northern Illinois over Iowa State, Kent State over Murray State (consensus), Arizona over Toledo, Syracuse over Akron (consensus), EMU over Army, Bowling Green over Troy, Florida over Miami University (consensus), Michigan State over Western Michigan (consensus), Ohio over Wofford (consensus), and Temple over Villanova.

I’m surprised that no one picked Akron to upset Syracuse; I almost did, and was certain that one or two people would. It’s at Akron, they’re only a 6.5 point underdog, and Syracuse has some injury issues.

I picked EMU over Army, even though I just told you I thought Army was more likely to win. I’m basically on the fence on this one. It’s the first game, and the Eagles have gone through so many off-season changes that it’s just really hard to know what kind of team we’ll see.

Central Michigan blogger Kyle Warber of Fire Up Chips made the boldest (or possibly the silliest) pick of the week, choosing 33-point underdog Villanova to win at Temple. He hasn’t posted anything about the picks on his blog, so I don’t know the rationale for this pick. Maybe he thinks Temple is overrated, or maybe it’s just spite.

Kyle also picked EMU to beat Army, as the The MAC Daily.

So there you have it, the week 1 MAC picks.

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