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Week 1 top 25

September 5, 2010

1. Boise State 0-0 (1)
2. Alabama 1-0 (2)
3. Iowa 1-0 (3)
4. Florida 1-0 (4)
5. Ohio State 1-0 (5)
6. Texas 1-0 (6)
7. TCU 1-0 (7)
8. Virginia Tech 0-0 (8)
9. Oklahoma 1-0 (9)
10. Nebraska 1-0 (10)
11. Oregon 1-0 (11)
12. Wisconsin 1-0 (12)
13. Penn State 1-0 (13)
14. LSU 1-0 (15)
15. Georgia Tech 1-0 (16)
16. Arkansas 1-0 (17)
17. Florida State 1-0 (19)
18. Georgia 1-0 (20)
19. North Carolina 0-1 (18)
20. Pittsburgh 0-1 (14)
21. Auburn 1-0 (21)
22. West Virginia 1-0 (22)
23. Northern Illinois 0-1 (23) (0-0 MAC)
24. Houston 1-0 (24) (0-0 CUSA)
25. Troy 1-0 (25) (0-0 SBC)

Notes since my preseason rankings last week:

  • Not much changed. Most teams won games they were supposed to win, and I didn’t really see anything to merit big changes.
  • Pittsburgh lost to Utah and dropped from 14 to 20. Teams between those numbers moved up a spot.
  • North Carolina lost a close game to LSU and dropped from 18 to 19. Florida State and Georgia moved up a spot each (two spots each, due to Pittsburgh). I didn’t drop UNC very far because it was a close game, they put up a great fight, LSU is a pretty tough opponent, and it’s unclear how many of the 13 suspended players will remain suspended. New developments in that investigation may result in me dropping the Tarheels from this list, either if the coaching staff or administration turns out to be involved (No cheaters — call it the USC rule) or if most/all of the suspended players are suspended for the full year or kicked off the team. For now, I’m taking UNC president Erskine Bowles at his word when he wrote that the school has erred on the side of caution and some of the suspended players may be cleared.
  • I still have Northern Illinois at #23 despite their loss to Iowa State because I still expect them to pull together and win the MAC, and I think they are better than my projected Conference USA and Sun Belt champions, Houston and Troy. (Consider, for example, that Troy barely edged out Bowling Green, who I think will finish somewhere in the middle of the MAC.)
  • Maybe I will post this every week. Who knows, it depends how I’m feeling.

Other than the following items, I think this is a fairly conventional list:

  • Southern California is not on, and will not be on this list. No cheaters (the USC rule). I debated dropping North Carolina, but that seems to be a problem with a bunch of individual players, not involving the coaching staff or administration (Calipari addendum to the USC rule). Should we find out otherwise, they will be banned from this list.
  • Boise State is #1 based on their on-field performance over the past several years. They will remain #1 until a team proves otherwise on the field.
  • Northern Illinois, Houston, and Troy are on the list to ensure that every conference has at least one team listed. The teams may change, but that principle will remain: all conferences must be represented.
  • Yes, I really think Iowa might be that good.

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