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Driving to Oxford, Ohio

September 6, 2010

Here is your map to follow the EMU football team to Miami University this Saturday:

Miami University also offers this somewhat inscrutable map, which you may or may not find helpful.

Yager Stadium

Apparently Miami University’s Yager Stadium doesn’t have a street address, but that’s OK, because Oxford is a small town. When you subtract out the students, Oxford only has about 7,000 permanent residents. Also, whereas Ypsilanti is near other, larger cities (Ann Arbor, for example) and suburban areas (Ypsilanti Township), Oxford is near farms. Actually, it’s surrounded by farms. The nearest city worth mentioning is Hamilton, which has about 60,000 people and is 15 miles away.

Generally speaking, once you’re in Oxford, the stadium is on the northeast side of town. If you have trouble finding it, just look around; it’s the big thing that looks like a football stadium.

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