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MAC blogger pick ’em, week 2

September 10, 2010

My picks in MAC games this week are: Akron, Ball State, Buffalo, Boston College, Tulsa, Temple (yeah, it already happened, but I gave you that pick on Tuesday), EMU, Northern Illinois, Ohio, and Western Michigan. Those are all favorites (which also happen to be the home teams this week) except EMU, who I think will beat Miami University, and Buffalo, who I think will edge out Baylor. I also think that Ball State and Boston College will win but fail to cover their spreads (about 18.5 and 10, respectively), Ball State because they’re not that good, and Boston College because Kent State will give them a game.

Interestingly, all the home teams are favored this week, though I’m surprised by a couple of the spreads (Temple by only 0.77 over Central Michigan and Miami by 11.89 over EMU — there must be a bunch of people who think it’s still 2009).

Update:  I recall now that Gardner-Webb’s men’s basketball team beat Kentucky at Rupp Arena a couple years ago, based upon which I can’t pick Akron to beat them. The game hasn’t started, so I’m changing that pick.

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