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MAC Blogger Roundtable, Week 3

September 17, 2010

This week, it was my turn to host the MAC Blogger Roundtable. I posed several questions to my fellow MAC bloggers, and I’ve selected a few choice comments for your enjoyment. This week’s participants were:

The links above will take you directly to their posts, where you can read everything they had to say.

1. For the season, excluding intraconference matches, MAC teams are 0-10 against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents. Which MAC team will be the first to record an out-of-conference win against any FBS team?

Two teams scored multiple mentions as possibilities: Temple, either against UConn (TFF) or Army (LGR, FG) and Bowling Green against Marshall (RaBA, FB). Also mentioned were Toledo either at Purdue against Wyoming and Miami University against Colorado State.

Two bloggers (FUC, OTP) don’t think it will happen this year. Here’s what Kyle Warber of Fire Up Chips had to say:

Not gonna happen. I wouldn’t even take a MAC team over the University of Phoenix and they don’t even have a football team. The problem is that if the University of Phoenix DOES decide to get a football team they would easily beat half the teams in this league — I am looking at you Akron and Ball State. Seriously, how does Akron lose to Gardner Webb? I think there has to be a box somewhere, with an envelope that says “ONLY OPEN IF A MAC TEAM LOSES TO GARDNER WEBB” and once it is open the sequence for Armageddon begins. Armageddon, you know, Kirk Cameron’s favorite time of the century.

2. Three teams — Akron, EMU, and Bowling Green — remain winless; when will each team record a win? Temple is undefeated; when will they take their first loss?

Several bloggers though that both Akron and EMU might not win any games this season. Unfortunately the teams don’t play each other, so that is a possibility, though history suggests that it’s pretty unlikely. As you might guess from the answers to the first question, a bunch of people think Bowling Green has a shot against Marshall tomorrow. The consensus is that Temple will lose to either or both of UConn and Penn State, but that if they miraculously win both games, they have a decent chance of going undefeated. From Bull Run:

Temple will lose this week, they may pull an upset but I would not hold my breath on that. If, somehow, the Owls make it through UConn they will drop a game to Penn State.

EMU could go without a win the rest of the year, if they do win one it will probably be against Ball State or *shudder* Buffalo. While I think both teams are better than the Eagles they are most assuredly in the Eagles range of fire.

Akron might be done for the year, they end with Miami, BSU, and Buffalo (Miami and Buffalo are home games) so they might steal one in the waning weeks but after the display against Gardner Webb I don’t think that team knows how to win.

3. Although teams have only played two games, that is nearly 17% of the season. How has your team’s performance so far compared to your preseason expectations? What key factors will you be watching over the next two weeks?

As might be expected, most of the comments reflect disappointment. Only Falcon Blog and Over The Pylon were at all satisfied. Alan, at Over The Pylon, wrote:

My preseason expectations were non-existent. I said .500 would make me happy, and right now we’re 1-1. The key factors I’ll be looking for as BSU goes to Purdue and then Iowa will be games that don’t make me want to throw homeless drifters into a blast furnace. Losses? I could care less about. Big time, high margin, run it up type beatings? I care. A great deal. I don’t think that will be the case, but if it is it will remind me of my time in undergrad when we sucked something awful and got curb stomped on the regular by the BCS conference opponents.

4. This Saturday, Central Michigan visits EMU. The last time they played in Ypsilanti (2008), a school-record 26,188 fans turned out to see the teams run 174 plays, combining for 1,171 total yards of offense, 15 touchdowns, and 108 points. How many people will show up at Rynearson Stadium this Saturday, and how many yards of offense and points scored will they see?

Attendance guesses ranged from a smart-ass “17” from Fire Up Chips to “I would be surprised to see 18,000 and if you do they will be CMU fans.” from Bull Run. Serious guesses at yardage ranged from 300 to 600, and point total guesses from 19 to 54.

I originally though we might get a decent turnout for this game if the weather was good — a decent turnout being 12,000 or more — but the latest forecast is for a high temperature in the low 70s and rain by the time the game kicks off. In light of that, I think anything much over 8,000 fans will involve a big Chippewa contingent. My prediction is for 51 total points, resulting in a narrow EMU win.

5. Rank ’em, worst to first.

Since people  apparently have trouble counting backwards from 13 to 1, — what, are all y’all blogging drunk? — we’ll go first to worst.

1. Temple is the consensus #1 team.
2. NIU, Kent State, and Central Michigan pretty well tied for second. Three bloggers (including me) picked NIU #2, while they were picked as low as #7 (FUC). Two bloggers picked Kent State second and two picked them third. Central Michigan got three #2 picks, but two #7 picks (FB, me).
5. Ohio and Toledo are just about tied for fifth.
7. Western Michigan was picked #7 by four bloggers (including me). They got two #3 votes, but also a #9 vote.
8. Miami, Bowling Green, and Buffalo are all close together.
11. EMU. Hey, at least the Eagles didn’t lose to an FCS team!
12. Akron. Almost everyone agreed that Akron is the worst team in the conference right now.

Not deserving of a ranking: Ball State. Play a Football Bowl Subdivision team and then we’ll talk.

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