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MAC Blogger Roundtable, week 7

October 14, 2010

This week’s MAC Blogger Roundtable is hosted by Alan, at the Ball State blog, Over The Pylon. Alan is also a Kentucky fan, which, as far as I’m concerned, nearly balances the fact that he blogs about Ball State. Nearly.

1.) After 6 games, we’re halfway through the season or damn close if you’ve had a bye. Are you pleasantly surprised with your team’s performance so far? Angrily apathetic about what you’ve seen? Right where they were expected to be? Give your team a mid-term grade.

F. Can I give them an F-? OK, F- it is.

I certainly didn’t expect greatness from this EMU team, but I was hoping for less suckitude. Right now they are on pace to be every bit as bad as they were last year. The passing sucks, the run defense sucks, and the play calling mostly sucks. The rushing sucks without Priest in the game. For a while I was somewhat consoled by the effort, which seemed to be good, but the more I’ve thought about that, the more it’s depressed me; if EMU’s football players have been giving a full effort and the team is still this uncompetitive, that suggests to me that either the coaching/play-calling is no good or the players just don’t have what it physically takes — which is again an indictment of the coaches who recruited them.

2.) This weekend there’s a bevy of MAC action. Taking your own game out of the equation, what game are you looking forward to? What game gives you the potential for the most information about what teams are for real and which teams are anything but?

I really don’t see any close games, so any game that’s an upset or even closer than expected would tell us a little. Miami at Central Michigan is probably the most interesting matchup, in that Miami is probably not as good as their 3-3 record and Central Michigan is probably better than their 2-4 record.

'Don't ask me, I lost to FCS teams two consecutive years.'

3.) As it’s Columbus Day week, what MAC coach has clearly not lived up to the adventurer spirit and should be shipped somewhere far and distant… for Queen and honor of course.

Stan Parrish, of course! Do I really need to explain that one?

Ron English’s seat is certainly starting to heat up, but EMU fans are accustomed to losing; current students were in diapers the last time the Eagles managed a winning season. At Ball State, on the other hand, they were 12-0 and nationally ranked as recently as 2008; they remember what it’s like to win, and so I don’t think the fans — or administration — are likely to tolerate as much losing.

4.) More on a national purview, with Alabama’s loss the door is wide open for perhaps a non-automatic qualifying conference school from Boise, Idaho to shove their way into the national championship. Is this the year that the “little guy” finally earns the respect of the BCS conferences?

One, Boise State isn’t really the “little guy” anymore, and two, no.

Despite the Broncos’ current poll position, even if they win out, there are probably seven to nine teams that can pass them for a BCSNCG berth. Any undefeated team from the Big (11) Ten, Big XII, Pac-10, or SEC will get the nod ahead of Boise State, and I think that if either Alabama or South Carolina wins out (including the SEC Championship game) they would also move in front of the Broncos based on schedule strength (facing 6 or 7 ranked teams!) and the timing of each school’s loss (first half of the season).

5.) Rank ’em, worst to first.

13. Akron
12. EMU
11. Ball State
10. Kent State
9. Bowling Green
8. Western Michigan
7. Buffalo
6. Miami
5. Ohio
4. Toledo
3. Central Michigan
2. Temple
1. Northern Illinois

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