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Missing key players: rumors, gossip, and innuendo

October 14, 2010

OK, no gossip or innuendo, just rumors.

After my recent comments about key players missing last week, an anonymous source told me that he/she has their own anonymous source, who might (or might not) be in the know about such things.

Rumor has it that:

  • Kinsman Thomas missed the Vanderbilt game last Saturday because he was late for a meeting last week and was not allowed to make the trip. Hopefully he gets the message and doesn’t do this again; I don’t think his presence, in and of itself, would have made a difference in Nashville, but it could this weekend.
  • Dwayne Priest has a groin injury. I think this may be the same injury that caused him problems earlier this fall, and it seems like it may be a nagging injury that he struggles with all year.
  • Latarrious Thomas has an injury. No details other than that “he’s hurt”. Gee, really?
  • They are still trying to get an NCAA waiver to allow Mike Marrow to play this year. Personally, I’m dubious that this will happen, and I’ll beleive it when I see it.
  • The coaches are hoping for at least one win this year to break the losing streak, and 3-5 wins next year. I think those are reasonable goals, but it’s not going to happen with all these injured/missing skill players.

No word on Donald Scott’s absence from the game last week, not even the rumor of a rumor.

As I said, these are rumors coming from unknown/anonymous sources (unknown/anonymous to me also). I think they’re all plausible, but I leave it to you to judge their truth for yourself.

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  1. October 16, 2010 2:58 pm

    Radio announcer just confirmed that Kinsman Thomas missed the Vandy game because he broke a team rule.

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