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Tuesday Tidbits: Google Reader FAIL edition

November 16, 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with Google Reader. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a pretty good web-based RSS reader. But it has one huge gaping problem, which is compounded by two user interface flaws.

Google Reader has a “feature” called “Mark All As Read”, which does exactly what it sounds like: it marks ALL items as read. While that’s good, I guess, if you want to declare RSS bankruptcy, it has no other real purpose, and since that’s a pretty drastic step, you’d think they’d put in safeguards to keep people to accidentally click it. At least, that’s what I’d do, and probably what almost any sane person who took more than 10 seconds to think about it would do.

Unfortunately, Google instead put the button for “Mark All As Read” in a prominent position next to things like “Refresh”. It’s as though a manufacturer put a self-destruct button on your car, right there amidst all the radio/CD controls. Of course, “Mark All As Read” isn’t really a self-destruct button; all the blog posts are still there in your reader, they’re just all marked as read, mixed in with the ones you actually did read. So theoretically, you could recover from it except that not only is there no “Undo” option, items marked as read using “Mark All As Read” CAN NOT be flipped back to “unread” the way normally read items could be.

All of this is just a long way of me explaining that Tuesday Tidbits, which I collect through the course of each week in Google Reader, is going to take a slightly less thorough form this week. Which is to say, I’m just going to give a quick mention of the stories I recall seeing. Sorry, and feel free to send complaint letters to Google.

The women’s  basketball team won their opener Friday night, beating Loyola 82-64, then lost Sunday at #7 Ohio State, 74-62. The women’s basketball team is now 1-1. Next up, they travel to the Jack In The Box Rainbow Wahine Classic in Honolulu. Friday they’ll play Oregon State, Saturday they’ll play Hawai’i, and Sunday they’ll play Cal State Northridge, each tipping off at 3 pm EST.

The volleyball team lost their final two games of the regular season, dropping to #5 in the MAC. That means that they’ll have to play an opening round game in the MAC tournament, but the good news is that because they were #5, they get to play at home against the #12 Bowling Green Falcons (8-23, 2-14 MAC).The Eagles swept the Falcons 3-0 the last time they played, which was a month ago today. The game is tonight at 7 pm in the Convocation Center, so if you don’t have other plans, get over there and support the team! The winner will face #4 Northern Illinois on Friday in Toledo.

The men’s basketball team will host Madonna University, an NAIA program, at noon tomorrow, followed by a trip to Buffalo to face Canisius Saturday afternoon. The latter was almost a brilliant bit of scheduling, coinciding with the football team’s trip to face the Buffalo Bulls. Unfortunately, there’s just one minor problem: both games will start at 2 pm. SCHEDULE FAIL.

A Ravenclaw/Slytherin Muggle Quidditch game pl...

Muggle Quidditch in action

EMU’s club Muggle Quidditch team, the Flying Squirrels, were in New York City over the weekend to compete in the International Quidditch World Cup. I’ve not been able to find information on how they did, but I know they didn’t win (because Middlebury beat Tufts to defend their championship). By the way, according to the Toronto Sun, “there’s a push on to get the game recognized as a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition.”

I am sure there were other teams in action over the past week; I’m fairly certain I saw information about the wrestling team, the men’s and women’s cross country teams, and maybe a few others, so I apologize for the incompleteness of this post. Once again, I encourage you to send complaint letters to Google. Their address is 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043.


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