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Football recruiting update

December 15, 2010

I tend not to go that in-depth in covering recruiting, just because it’s not an area that I have much to say about. (If you’re interested in covering EMU football recruiting for Eagle Totem, email me at So, offerred without comment, here’s an update on what others are listing for EMU’s 2011 football recruiting class.

Rivals and Scout list the same five verbal commitments for EMU:

  • TE Brandon Watson (two stars from both Rivals and Scout) – no other offers, but committed relatively early, in August.
  • LB Blake Poole (two stars from Scout) – no other offers.
  • LB Sean Kurtz (two stars from Scout) – offers from Cal Poly (FCS), Kent State, Nicholls State (FCS), and Presbyterian(FCS).
  • CB Kris Strange – no other offers.
  • QB Mark Iannotti – offers from North Dakota State (FCS) and South Dakota (FCS).

Poole and Kurtz are both at Santa Ana Community College, while the other three are high school seniors in the midwest (Iannotti and Watson are from Illinois, Strange is from Ohio).

Positionally, all of these make sense. Devontae Payne left the team late in the year, so there was an opening at quarterback, and Iannotti seems to fit the system English is trying to run; in 2010 he completed 132 of 208 passes for 1,389 yards and 11 touchdowns against three interceptions, and he finished second on his team in rushing with 135 carries for 980 yards and 11 touchdowns. At tight end, Ben Thayer is graduating, as is Josh LeDuc (who was listed on the EMU roster as a tight end but generally lined up as a wide receiver), and although the need is not critical, there’s an obvious spot there. As for the other three, Ron English has made it clear that he intends to use most of his available scholarships this year on the defense. Kurtz and Poole offer the prospect of a quick fix — they should see playing time in 2011, at least as backups — while there’s probably enough depth among the defensive backs that Strange might be redshirted.

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