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Board of Regents meeting: 12/16/2010

December 17, 2010

Several items of interest were covered at yesterday’s Board of Regents meeting.

First, in a purely symbolic move, the Regents commended the 2009-10 softball team for their academic success — their 3.430 GPA ranked 14th in the nation, and this was the seventh consecutive year they ranked in the top 20
— and commended the men’s cross country team for their athletic success — in addition to winning their 15th MAC championship, sophomore Terefe Eligu was the 18th EMU runner to win the individual MAC championship, and head coach John Goodridge was named MAC Men’s Cross Country Coach of the Year for the sixth time.

More interesting was the Athletic Affairs Committee report.

Continuing a discussion that was first presented to the Regents in September, Dr. Graham Warger, who taught at EMU from 1982-2004 (History Department and Distance Education Department), gave a presentation on the cost of establishing a “National Collegiate Sports Film/Video Center.” Warger has done sports video archival projects for the NCAA, the College Football Hall of Fame, the PAC-10 Conference, the Mountain West Conference, UCLA, Notre Dame, Stanford, California, Alabama, Michigan State, Michigan, Iowa, Northwestern, Minnesota, South Carolina, Air Force, Army, Ohio State, Washington State, Washington, Arizona, and Arkansas, among others, as well as several projects for HBO, ESPN, and ABC. He originally presented the concept to the Regents at the September 21, 2010, meeting, at which the Regents, particularly Stapleton and Incarnati, expressed support for the concept. Yesterday, Warger was back in front of the regents with a more concrete proposal, including cost projections (marked as January through December 2010, which I assume should be January through December 2011) for $114,800 for the first year of operations. There’s not yet any published information as to how the Regents received this proposal, but since it was part of the Athletic Affairs Committee report, and there does not seem to have been an action item on the agenda relating to this, I can only assume that it was either rejected or, perhaps more likely, is still being evaluated.

The most interesting item, which I’ll cover in depth in a separate post, was a report to the Athletic Affairs Committee on football marketing efforts and their result on attendance. Of particular interest, they gave the actual, real, in-person, butts-in-seats football attendance figures for 2009 and 2010. Stay tuned for details…

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