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Rumor: Mike Marrow to transfer out

January 6, 2011

You remember Mike Marrow, right? He’s the fullback from Toledo whotransferred from Alabama to EMU—first to worst, at the time—at the beginning of the fall semester, in order to be closer to his family following the deaths of three grandparents in 12 months. On September 16, I wrote the following:

Marrow also considered transferring to Wisconsin and Michigan, but both schools were too far into the fall term, and he would have needed to wait until January to enroll, while EMU’s admissions office was able to get him in to the current semester. Marrow started classes in Ypsilanti yesterday.

In other words, EMU scrambled to get him enrolled in fall classes, while other schools, including Michigan and Wisconsin, said, “Too bad, too late, come back in January.” Now, according to a report in the Toledo Blade, Marrow is now seeking to transfer again, probably to Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa, or Southern Illinois.

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  1. Ralph permalink
    January 6, 2011 4:48 pm

    This guy has maturity and committment issues. I’m not sure I’d want this guy on my team.

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