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Mike Marrow rumor redux

March 6, 2011

The rumors about Mike Marrow transferring away from EMU returned this week, fueled by a tweet from Howard Chen, the sports director for FOX Toledo.

Former Bama FB Mike Marrow (@centralcatholic HS) is NOT transferring to #Michigan. RichRod firing opend it up. Is now headed to #Nebraska

A lot of the reasons I mentioned in January still apply here. Marrow transferred because he wanted to be closer to his home (Toledo), and there are only two D-I programs closer than EMU (Toledo and Bowling Green). Marrow is still listed on the EMU football roster, and of course, EMU has been very quick to pull departing athletes off the website. Finally, if he transfers again, he’ll have to sit out another year. He’s already sat two years, 2009 as a redshirt and 2010 due to his transfer to EMU. If he transfers again, he’ll have to sit another year, and since the NCAA already turned down his hardship request once, I see little to no reason to think they would grant a hardship for a second transfer.

It is, however, worth noting that there’s one big reason that this seems a little more likely than the previous rumors about Michigan and Wisconsin. Rumor has it that Marrow’s father, Vince, will be a graduate assistant with the Cornhuskers this fall. While I’m normally all for non-traditional students, something certainly seems fishy when the 43-year-old father of a player a team is trying to recruit decides to become a graduate assistant after he’s been coaching football for five years.

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  1. Bobby Wicks permalink
    March 7, 2011 4:29 pm

    Mind boggling. Doesn’t the sports director for FOX Toledo have any journalistic integrity? I mean the guy is ON the EMU roster! Unbelievable.


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