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Thoughts on the MAC football media poll

July 26, 2011

The official MAC media poll is out, and, comparing it to my predictions, I really have just two noteworthy disagreements with it.

Since I gave my predictions earlier this morning, let’s start with a look at the media poll results.

East West
Miami Toledo
Ohio Northern Illinois
Temple Western Michigan
Kent State Central Michigan
Bowling Green Ball State
Buffalo Eastern Michigan

Although Ohio came in second in the East (by just one point), they actually garnered twice as many first-place votes (eight) as Miami (four). The vote in the West was a little more clear, with Toledo leading Northern Illinois by two points and picking up eight first-place votes to the Huskies’ five. Other teams picking up division champion votes were Temple (four), Western Michigan (two), and Central Michigan (one). As for the MAC Championship game, nine voters picked the West Division champion to win (Toledo, 5; Northern Illinois, 3; Western Michigan, 1) and four picked the East (Miami, 3; Ohio, 1).

As I mentioned, I really have just two noteworthy points of disagreement with the outcome of this poll. One — and you may accuse me of homerism here — is that I think EMU will rise into the middle of the pack in the West. I’ve predicted a MAC record of 3-5 or 4-4, which should put EMU about third or fourth in the division. The other discrepancy is that I think Kent State may struggle a bit under first-year head coach Darrell Hazell, who strikes me as having the weakest resume of the conference’s five first-year head coaches, and takes over a program that’s not quite as solid as Northern Illinois, Miami, or Temple. (By comparison, Lembo has been a head coach at I-AA/FCS programs for 10 years, while Treadwell, Addazio, and Doeren have each spent several years as coordinators at major programs, with Addazio serving as interim head coach during an offseason and Treadwell as interim head coach for two games.)

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  1. Kenneth Barna permalink
    July 27, 2011 11:37 am

    I certainly hope your prediction, ends up being more accurate than the media’s. I think the media are unwilling to give Eastern higher than a last place ranking, based on what they have seen the past two seasons. Having said that, I also think that Eastern gets a bum rap from the media, because no one out there really cares about Eastern because we are too close to Ann Arbor. The feeling being who cares about Eastern, when we know our readers want to hear about the great team next door.
    For Eastern to ever get out from underneath the shadow of U-M, we would have to become a Boise State for ten years in a row, and then the media might say something about the team in Ypsilanti. One could argue with what I have said, based on records alone for the last twenty-five years of both schools, however, look at the last three years of U-M, 15-21. Not exactly what I would call outstanding. They could end up with a losing season this year too. I certainly hope so.

    • July 27, 2011 1:15 pm

      Our local media market is really metro Detroit, so not only is EMU competing with the Wolverines for attention, but also with the Tigers, the Lions, the Red Wings, and the Pistons.


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