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2011 MAC Blogger Roundtable, week 2

September 7, 2011

This week, the MAC Blogger Roundtable is hosted by Temple Football Forever, who recently called out MAC bloggers — myself included — as “Temple haters” because we didn’t think they’d beat Villanova. I wouldn’t call myself a hater, but…well, I’ll just point out that Temple didn’t move up in my MAC ranking.

1) What was the most surprising result of the week and why?

Temple’s easy win over Villanova caught me by surprise, although if I’d paid more attention to ‘Nova’s roster it probably shouldn’t have. The other game that surprised me, as it probably did a lot of folks, was Ball State’s win over Indiana.

2) What was the most expected result of the week and why?

Four games went almost exactly as I expected. Central Michigan beat South Carolina State in an ugly game, Akron and Kent State got kicked around by ranked opponents, and Miami put up a respectable fight but finally lost to Missouri.

3) Are you satisfied with the quality of reception and reliability of the current MAC online TV access of its games?

I didn’t do much online watching last week, but what I tried to watch, on ESPN3 Thursday night, was horrible. I was at EMU’s game Sunday, but according to fans who watched online using EMU’s paid service (Eagle All-Access), it was terrible, and I’m aware of at least one fan who has asked for and received a refund.

4) Does Week 1 indicate that this is going to be the best year overall in the MAC in the last few or is that too soon?

A football season can be unpredictable, but signs are pointing to a solid year. In 2010, it took three weeks for the MAC to get the first non-conference FBS win; they registered four such wins just last week, including a win each over an AQ team (Indiana) and an Army team that went to and won a bowl last year.

5) Rank ’em, FIRST to worst:

This week I’ve moved Northern Illinois from third to first (moving Toledo and Miami down one each) on the strength of their quality win over Army. I’ve moved Ball State up from thirteen to nine out of respect for their win over Indiana, moved Central Michigan down a spot for their weak win over a weak opponent, and kicked Akron to the end of the line.

1. Northern Illinois (1-0; defeated Army 49-26)
2. Toledo (1-0; defeated New Hampshire 58-22)
3. Miami (0-1; lost at Missouri 17-6)
4. Ohio (1-0; defeated New Mexico State 44-24)
5. Western Michigan (0-1; lost at Michigan 34-10 in nearly three quarters)
6. Temple (1-0; defeated Villanova 42-7)
7. Bowling Green (1-0; defeated Idaho 32-15)
8. Eastern Michigan (1-0; defeated Howard 41-9)
9. Ball State (1-0; defeated Indiana 27-20)
10. Central Michigan (1-0; defeated South Carolina State 21-6)
11. Buffalo (0-1; lost at Pittsburgh 35-16)
12. Kent State (0-1; lost at Alabama 48-7)
13. Akron (0-1; lost at Ohio State 42-0)

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