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EMU 14, Alabama State 7 in photos

September 11, 2011

The EMU Marching Band, "The Pride of the Peninsula", took the field for the first time in 2011 -- they were unable to perform last Sunday due to prior commitments by many members. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

The student section, aka "Rynearson Rowdies"

Both Alabama State quarterbacks did a bunch of passing. In the first half, #2 Greg Jenkins took most of the snaps. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

#42 Marcus English led the EMU defense with ten tackles. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

#25 Dominique Sherrer carried 16 times for 111 yards and a touchdown. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

At the end of the first quarter, dark clouds threatened, but we never got more than a few drops of rain.

#42 Marcus English returned an Alabama State fumble for a touchdown. On review, the ball carrier was ruled down prior to the fumble. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

Did we mention that Sherrer ran all over the Hornets? (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

Sherrer made a twisting leap for his touchdown! (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

The EMU Marching Band took the field first at halftime.

The "Pride of the Peninsula" looked sharp and sounded good!

Next, the "Mighty Marching Hornets" took the field.

While the band played, the "Stingettes" danced.

The most that can be said for the Mighty Marching Hornets is that they were big and loud. (So loud!) After the quality of the Howard "Showtime" Marching Band last weekend, this was a big disappointment.

#4 Marlon Pollard had a couple nice punt returns, but almost all the yards were given up on penalties. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

#8 Alex Gillett completed 7 of 19 passes with a touchdown and an interception for the Eagles.

#37 Jay Karutz had several good punts.

EMU's coverage team downed a Jay Karutz punt on the one-yard line.

EMU's coverage team downed this punt on the one-yard line.

Did I mention that EMU's punt coverage was good? (Tip for #26: take the fair catch!)

By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, we had blue skies and the sun was shining!

#8 Alex Gillett hands the ball off to #32 Javonti Greene.

#8 Alex Gillett handed the ball off to #32 Javonti Greene 22 times.

Devin Dominguez thought he was going to make a big play...

#3 Devin Dominguez thought he was going to make a big play to end the game...

...but Brad Ohrman had other thoughts!

...but Brad Ohrman had other thoughts!

#93 Brad Ohrman ended the game with a sack. (Photo by Kenneth Bailey)

The team celebrated the home win by singing the fight song with the band and the crowd.

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  1. September 11, 2011 11:51 pm

    You took some pretty nice pictures yourself.

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