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How did EMU’s 2011 opponents do in week 4?

September 26, 2011

EMU’s opponents went 7-5 this week. None of those came against other EMU foes, while one win (Penn State) came over the Eagles.

Team W L Total % Conf W L Conf % Last Next
Howard 1 3 25% MEAC 0 2 0% Lost 9-14 at Morgan State At Savannah State
Alabama State 3 1 75% SWAC 3 0 100% Won 21-14 at Jackson State Vs Alcorn State
Michigan 4 0 100% Big Ten 0 0 N/A Won 28-7 vs San Diego State Vs. Minnesota
Penn State 3 1 75% Big Ten 0 0 N/A Won 34-6 vs EMU At Indiana
Akron 1 3 25% MAC 0 1 N/A Won 36-13 vs Virginia Military Institute At EMU
Toledo 1 3 25% MAC 0 0 N/A Lost 33-30 at Syracuse At Temple
Central Michigan 1 3 25% MAC 0 1 0% Lost 45-7 at Michigan State Vs Northern Illinois
Western Michigan 2 2 50% MAC 1 0 100% Lost 23-20 at Illinois At Connecticut
Ball State 3 1 75% MAC 1 0 100% Won 48-21 vs Army At Oklahoma
Buffalo 1 3 25% MAC 0 1 0% Lost 17-3 vs Connecticut At Tennessee
Kent State 1 3 25% MAC 0 0 N/A Won 33-25 vs South Alabama At Ohio
Northern Illinois 2 2 50% MAC 0 0 N/A Won 47-30 vs Cal Poly At Central Michigan
Total 23 25 48% 5 5 50%
Past 11 5 69% 3 2 60%
Upcoming 12 20 38% 2 3 60%

Howard continues to remain winless in Division I games — their sole win came over Division II Morehouse — which confirms what everyone suspected: the Bison remain one of the worst Division I teams. Alabama State, with a win over Jackson State, looks to again be in the running in the SWAC, and as I suggested earlier in the year, Sagarin now has them ranked above several FBS teams, including Akron.

Michigan closed out another September National Championship season with a comfortable win over Brady Hoke’s old team — no the other one, the one he just came from. Penn State, of course, beat EMU.

Akron finally won a game and scored some points, though like EMU, their win came against a bad FCS team.

Toledo’s game was the most notable of EMU’s opponents this week. With two minutes left, Syracuse scored a touchdown to take the lead and then kicked an extra point that would put them up three. The Rockets subsequently scored a field goal to send the game to overtime, where Syracuse won. The only thing is, Syracuse missed the extra point, and the replay official missed the call. Here’s the video you need to see; notice that the ball passes in front of the left upright, meaning it was wide left:

Shortly after the game the Big East coordinator of officiating acknowledged that the officials blew the call. Based on that, Toledo’s atheletic director has petitioned to have the game vacated, meaning that it simply wouldn’t count. I think that’s probably the fairest thing to do in a case like this; it wouldn’t be fair to give Toledo a win, since Syracuse would have played different up by two points.

Central Michigan lost badly at Michigan State, and continues to look like the worst team in the MAC West, although the last two weeks EMU has given them a run for their money. Western Michigan, on the other hand, gave Illinois a good scare, and has to be disappointed that they weren’t able to pull off the win. With Toledo and Northern Illinois struggling to close out games, the Broncos are looking more and more like the best team in the division.

Ball State will have something to say about that, however. I somewhat dismissed their win over Indiana after they took a bad loss at South Florida, but the way they handled Army suggests they may also be a legitimate contender.

Buffalo’s offense looks like it might still be worse than EMU’s. Kent State managed a win, but like Akron (and EMU’s two), it was against an FCS team. Ditto Northern Illinois, who allowed Cal Poly to score a shocking number of times.

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