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Monday morning comments from Ron English

October 5, 2011

Dominique White:

We’ve liked Dominique.  He’s an Orchard Lake St. Mary’s product. We have liked him since he’s been here. He started off as the third tailback this year and we knew he was going to play. He walked on at our program but had significant recruiting interest before he did that. We’re fortunate to have Dominique White and he’s been good for our team and good for our program.

Special teams against Akron:

I think that wind was upwards of 20 miles per hour and it was really significant. I think when we were punting with the wind we were well in 40s and against it we had one that was 19 and one that was 28 or something like that. It was truly a significant wind. Our punter’s been good all year, so it kind of tells tells you what kind of wind it was.

Kody’s vastly improved. Last year we really struggled kicking field goals, and this year he’s really been accountable in that area. I’m happy for him because he’s improved by leaps and bounds, and I don’t think he let the weather affect him, so I was pleased with that effort.


They’re going to get teams in space. They run the zone read stuff and throw the bubbles off it. They’re very very talented with their skill players, I think their quarterback is playing very very well. Defensively they played a tremendous Temple team and stopped the run. They’re stout up front on defense. I think they’re very well coached on defense in terms of the way they disguise, and don’t give up a ton of big plays.

We have to be patient and know that they’re going to move the ball. We have to really get guys once the ball is thrown or run, we have to get guys sprinting to the ball to leverage the football. When you play an offense like Toledo’s you can’t get discouraged by them moving the ball. They’re gonna do that. Defensively we’re going to have to make some plays through the air. I don’t know that we’re going to be able to run the ball as much as we’ve been running it. I think we’re going to have to throw it a little bit to keep them honest. They’re a tremendous football team.

Toledo’s two quarterbacks:

It may be a little bit more zone read with one than the other, but really they do very similar things. We played against both last year, but I think they’ve expanded their offense this year. I think they’re doing a little bit more. Toledo does a lot of things offensively. They get you empty, they get you in three and four and five wide receiver sets. They can run the power, they can run what we call “imposter”, with the skill player taking the direct snap. They do a lot of things that stretch you defensively. Page is playing extremely well, I think he’s over 200 yards of total offense a game. What a tremendous challenge this week.

The rest of the season:

Early on this year I talked about the law of the price tag. Everybody’s got to pay the price all the time and the price is going to go up. Our commitment level has to go up, our preparation level has to go up, and our effort in terms of preparing has to go up.

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