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EMU at Toledo open thread

October 8, 2011

It looks like it will be an absolutely perfect day for a football game today. Upper 70s to about 80 degrees, clear, sunny, and just a light (5 mph) breeze. Just perfect!

According to Toledo’s website, tickets are $24, and are reserved seating. The Glass Bowl tends to be far more full than Rynearson Stadium but almost never sells out; most games draw about 18,000 or so, so you should be able to buy tickets at the gate. Tonight is Band Night at Toledo.

More band! But I'm guessing the bands at Toledo won't spell out "EMU".

If you’re not able to make it to the game this afternoon, there are several other ways to keep up to date.

  • The MAC is offering free streaming video for a bunch of games this fall, and it looks like today’s matchup is one of them. Watch here.
  • It also looks like this game will be streamed on ESPN3/WatchESPN.
  • If free isn’t your style, you can pay the University of Toledo to watch on “Rocket Vision” ($9.95 for one month). They do offer the audio free, but for audio you can…
  • Listen to the game on WEMU, 89.1 FM. Or, if you’re out of the area, listen online for free.
  • If you hunt around online, you’ll find several websites claiming to have free streaming video of the game. I’m dubious, and some of the sites seem sketchy, so I won’t link them here, but they shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look. But really, with the MAC and ESPN both offering it for free, why would you bother with these other sites?

You could also talk about it in the comments here. And if you can’t wait until 3 pm to talk about football, feel free to get a head start this morning. It’s an open thread, so as always, comments on any topic are legit.

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  1. October 8, 2011 12:31 pm

    EMU volleyball beat Toledo in straight sets last night…it would really be something if the football teams does as well against them this afternoon!

  2. Kenneth Barna permalink
    October 9, 2011 11:54 am

    Dear cmadler,
    It’s not quite panic time, but I really believe Coach English needs to make some changes, if Eastern is to salvage the season. Eastern needs to pass the ball more, to loosen up the defenses of the opposing teams. They know we are going to run the ball, and we oblige, and they stack everyone on the line of scrimmage. Insert Benz, and see what he can do? Can it be worse than Gillett? Coach Karcher should be removed as offensive coordinator. His bland calls for Eastern’s offense is pathetic. Again, no reverses, screen passes, trick plays of any kind. To take pressure off the quarterback, throw short passes over the middle, quick down and outs to the tight end, screen passes. If we don’t make some changes, so we are not johnny one note offense, we have no chance next week, at Central.

  3. October 9, 2011 11:41 pm

    It seems like Eastern has the receiving Corps to open it up a bit. It still seems like the pass blocking isn’t the greatest…..


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