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EMU v Earlham Quakers preview & open thread

October 30, 2011

Earlham College is a private liberal arts college, founded by the Religious Society of Friends (“Quakers”) in 1847, in Richmond, Indiana. (Richmond is a small city about 45 miles southeast of Muncie, on I-70 right at the Ohio border.) In keeping with the Friends’ belief in equality, everyone addresses each other at Earlham by first name, without the use of any titles; to a first-year undergraduate (they also eschew the traditional college class names), the president of the university is not “President Dawson” but “David”.

We strive to be respectful of others in our daily interactions. A small but meaningful mark of our attempt to meet one another as equals is our practice of addressing one another by first names rather than by titles and honorifics.

Earlham's new mascot, name to be announced November 15.

Earlham fields NCAA Division III (non-scholarship) athletic teams. They were originally called the “Fightin’ Quakers” — intentionally tongue-in-cheek because, you know, the Quakers are one of the major “peace churches” — but in the 1980s they became the “Hustlin’ Quakers” and by the 1990s, just the “Quakers”. They have a new mascot/costume this fall, with an ongoing naming contest. The possible names, currently being voted on, are Quincy, Oatis, Big Earl (currently with a substantial lead, with two days of voting remaining), and Barnabus, and the winner will be announced at their men’s basketball regular season opener on November 15.

The Quakers’ first-year head coach, Marcus Gill, is an alumnus of Albion College, where he remained two years as a graduate assistant. He then spent two years at Siena Heights, returned to Albion for a year, and spent the last two years as an assistant coach at Ohio Wesleyan.

Today’s game will not be broadcast on television or radio. The only way to catch it is Eagle All-Access ($) or to be at the Convo at 2 PM; admission is free. I’ll be at the game, and try to toss out a few tweets from @eagletotemblog, but the wireless signal in the Convo is usually somewhere between terrible and non-existant. You can also talk about the game, or anything else on your mind, in the comments here.

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