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Q & A with Bull Run

November 10, 2011

With the Ontario Sandwich Trophy game coming to Ypsilanti this Saturday, I figured it was high time for another chat with Tim Riordan, who covers University at Buffalo athletics at Bull Run.

Last year when we talked, you indicated that the jury was still out on Jeff Quinn as a head coach. Does he deserve a third year to show what he can do, or are you ready to throw in the towel on the Quinn Era?

Well whether or not he deserves it he is going to get it. Just like English at EMU two bad years is not enough to force the universities hand in firing someone when that could cost a ton of money.

That being said there has been some improvement this year. Aside from Miami, Tennessee, and Temple teams are not completely humiliating us. The offense looks mostly competent the defense has its issues against the run but is passable. I think that Quinn has earned himself a third year but his leash at UB is only about 12 months long.

When I looked at the offensive stats, one jumped out at me: nine touchdowns to eight turnovers. What’s going on there?

And thats an improvement over last year ;). The Bulls have struggled against the teams that have dominating defensive lines. Temple, Miami, and Tennessee all shut us down.

Many of those turnovers were special teams muffs on the first week we were without Terrell Jackson. UB has actually done a pretty good job taking care of the ball this season.

As a transfer from an AQ school, expectations had to be high for Chazz Anderson. How has he lived up to those expectations and how has he disappointed?

Depends on who you ask, since you’re asking me I will say he has disappointed. Without him the losses would be a bit worse than they are, and we might not have beaten Ohio, but at least next years quarterback might be getting some experience. As it stands we will. once again, go into an offseason with no clear quarterback for the following season.

Last year it seemed like the offense was struggling to put up points. This year the scoring seems better, but the defense is giving up a lot (only Connecticut and Stony Brook were held under 28). Tell me a little about the defense; what’s changed from last year, who are the playmakers, what are the problem positions, etc.

We lost four defensive backs last year, three ended up in NFL camps, one is on a game day roster, one is on a practice squad, and one was injured early in camp. The backs we lost were great run supporters and guys who managed to create turnovers.

Pretend it’s Saturday night and the Bulls won the game. How did they do it?

What’s the over used expression, “Run and stop the run”.

With Buffalo getting thin at receiver, its going to be the Brandon Oliver show. If he does not put up 150 it’s going to be very hard for the Bulls to win, the problem is that Oliver is a slow starter and if UB falls behind early it’s hard to win if your sole offensive weapon is a bowling ball.

So the defense needs to keep Gillett in check long enough for UB to start wearing down the EMU defense.

Update: You can read my answers at Bull Run. Also, there is now an actual trophy…image. Here is a picture of the trophy…image. The winning team is entitled to print it out and proudly display it.

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