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Eagle Totem Blog Mob: hopes for the new year

January 4, 2012

Today we introduce the second new feature of the year. It’s basically an internal roundtable, which I am calling the Eagle Totem Blog Mob, a name I’ve shamelessly ripped off from Black Shoe Diaries…well, not the “Eagle Totem” part…

With the first Eagle Totem Blog Mob, we also welcome a new voice here. “Mick Richards” has been a long time fan in the stands at EMU. I’ve invited him to contribute posts here previously — an offer which still stands — but for a variety of reasons he doesn’t feel able to offer more than a few thoughts here and there. I hope that as the year goes on we’ll continue to add participants to this feature.


My #1 hope is that attendance (real attendance, not “tickets sold”) at EMU football games improves — significantly — in the fall of 2012. Let’s be honest, EMU football is bleeding money, which in turn is causing athletics as a whole to draw quite a bit from the university general fund. My hope is that continued on-field success leads to an improved financial picture for the football program, and for athletics overall.

Kenneth Bailey:

I would like to see the football team build on the success they had this year.  They came so close to going to a bowl game but in many ways it seemed like they were still worlds away from that goal.  But now that they’ve shown that they can win, I would like to see them win the MAC West at least.  Given that their triple running threat and quarterback are returning next year, I think they have a good shot at that.  To get to that goal, I would like to see some better play calling when they do get within range of the end zone.   In the Ball State game, if they had scored 7 instead of 3, they might be in a bowl right now.
I would like to see the basketball team get competitive.  I think they are a couple of players away from that end.

Mick Richards:

  • I would like to see the football team build on their success in 2011. Let’s say 8-9 wins.
  • I would like to see MAC championships for women’s basketball, baseball, men’s and women’s track. It could happen…
  • I’d like to see a recruiting class for 2012 men’s basketball that makes a splash and immediate improvement for the 2012-2013 season.
  • Being someone who works in education, I’d like to see the athletes excel in their classes as well.


Football.  I have one and only one hope for the new year as far as the football team is concerned: a MAC West title.  I want to be sitting in Ford Field watching Ron English lead the troops in the championship game.  I suppose I’ll throw in better goal line play calling on offense, just to be safe.  As far as individual players are concerned, I want to see Alex Gillett’s passing game develop just enough to provide a true weapon to counter-balance the running game.

Basketball.  Can we PLEASE get a real two-guard who can score?  A threat who can hit an open three but also score or draw a foul while driving to the hoop.  With Glen Bryant on board next year to play on the wing, and the three headed monster of Riley, Balkema, and Harris back next year, we desperately need better guard play.  A big time player to compliment Sims and Thompson could get us back into MAC conention as soon as next year.

Finally, I’d love to see the women’s team win the MAC this year (Tavelyn James deserves no less) and real, legitimate enthusiasm among the student population for Eastern athletics.  I want to see a rowdy student section at Rynearson as well as the Convo.

We seem to be asking for many of the same things: a MAC West title in football, a couple men’s basketball recruits who can make immediate impacts, and a MAC championship in women’s basketball (along with some other sports!). Although it might seem like a lot when you write it all down, there’s nothing unrealistic on this page.

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