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Eagle Totem is going on strike tomorrow

January 17, 2012

As part of the internet protest against the legislation known as SOPA and PIPA, Eagle Totem is going on strike tomorrow. Here are some informative links, courtesy of

Click those links above to learn more, or read through this press release from the Wikimedia Foundation (aka Wikipedia, which is also going dark tomorrow), this helpful Q&A from CNET, this Cory Doctorow post on Boing-Boing, and the STRIKE AGAINST SOPA page. Though you should look at these things today….

I try to keep Eagle Totem strictly focused on the topic at hand, which is EMU athletics, but this proposed legislation threatens all corners of the internet. You’ll very rarely find copyrighted material posted here without permission, and the few such uses probably fall well within fair use provisions, but according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, it would be illegal to even post a link to infringing material (e.g. YouTube videos or screen-captures from game broadcasts). A single complaint about a site could lead to the entire site being taken down, which could well be the end of free web hosting (e.g. as we know it. There are plenty of other problems with the proposed laws — read those links for details — so please call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, or contact your senators and your representative directly, and urge them to reject these bills.

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