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MAC tournament scenarios update

February 27, 2012

For the EMU women’s basketball team, the scenarios are simple. There’s one game to play and although the Eagles are tied for the lead in the conference, Bowling Green holds the tiebreaker. So with an EMU win and a Bowling Green loss, EMU will have the #1 seed. Anything else, and EMU is in #2. Either way, it’s a great position to be in!

For the EMU men, things are a little more complicated, and they can land the #4, #5, or #6 seed.

No matter what, the Eagles will finish behind Akron. The Eagles will also finish behind Buffalo, since at best EMU can only tie the Bulls record, and would lose a tiebreaker. If Kent State loses out, the Eagles can finish ahead of the Golden Flashes, and if Ohio wins out, EMU will be ahead of the Bobcats on a tiebreaker; however, since Kent State and Ohio will play each other, they can’t both lose out. (If you’re wondering who to root for in that game, I recommend Ohio, since they’re much more likely to win their last game, at Miami, than Kent State is to win their finale against Akron.) So EMU must finish behind Akron, Buffalo, and either Ohio or Kent State, for a #4 finish at best. If the loser of the Ohio-Kent State game wins their last game, they’ll also be ahead of EMU, putting the Eagles in (at best) the #5 seed.

If the EMU men lose a game, the only other team that matters is Bowling Green. EMU will beat Bowling Green if they’re tied, so if both teams finish 1-1 or 0-2, the Eagles will get the #5 seed. If Bowling Green finishes 2-0 or 1-1 while EMU is 1-1 or 0-2, respectively, the Falcons will take the #5 seed and EMU will drop to #6. (The Falcons will host Miami on Wednesday and then finish on the road at Buffalo, so they’ll probably go 1-1 to end the season.) Toledo and Western Michigan are two games behind EMU, and could finish in a three-way tie atop the MAC West, and perhaps a four-way tie overall (with Bowling Green), but EMU will win the tiebreakers in any such scenario.

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