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NCAA first round comprehensive travel guide

March 14, 2012

Mackey Arena, at Purdue University (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

“First round” in the sense that the women’s tournament hasn’t gone and screwed things up yet the way the men’s tournament has. “Comprehensive” in the sense of pretty much everything you’re really likely to need to know, as an EMU fan, except for maybe some things that you can find if you Google them. And “guide” in the sense that I’m telling you what’s what.

Mackey Arena is a great place to watch a basketball game. Although it seats nearly three times as many people as EMU’s Convo, the single-bowl seating avoids such a cavernous feeling.

It’s a five-hour drive down to West Lafayette, which some people consider within range for a day trip. But EMU has a better transportation option: they’re offering a free fan bus that will leave from the Convocation Center at 5 AM (but you can sleep on the bus!) Saturday morning. Even though, or perhaps because it’s free, seats are limited, so call the EMU ticket office at (734) 487-2282 to reserve your spot.

Ticket information

Only all-session tickets ($32 adult, $22 student) are available for advance purchase. Single-session tickets ($16 adult, $11 student, $40 4-pack, $5 for groups of 25+) will go on sale at the first session…which is to say, the EMU game. If you want to buy in advance, here’s your link.

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