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Tory Verdi introduced as EMU women’s basketball head coach

April 26, 2012

This afternoon, as expected, Salvatore “Tory” Verdi was introduced as the seventh head coach* in the 36-year history of the EMU women’s basketball program.

What he costing EMU?

For those concerned about the financial side of things, EMU announced Verdi’s salary as $165,000/year — and since AnnMarie Gilbert “resigned”, it should be safe to assume that he’s the only women’s basketball head coach EMU is paying.

Does he have any connections to the area?

Not really, although he did recruit this area as an assistant coach at Nebraska and Kansas. Most notably, he brought Asia Boyd, of Detroit Renaissance, to Kansas.

What’s his preferred style of play?


We’re going to press the entire game. We’re going to push the ball and attack offensively to get layups. I think it’s a fun style, exciting for the fans.

I like hearing that. I think Verdi will have a deep team capable of running and pressing hard for a full 40 minutes.

Who else did EMU consider?

Derrick Gragg:

We had six finalists, a great group with five of the six having head-coaching experience β€” actually three of them are current head coaches at other institutions. He was our top choice. I think he stood out.

Any concerns about the ongoing NCAA investigation?


I don’t expect anything else to happen. We felt like the steps that were taken by the administration already were sufficient so we don’t look forward to anything else happening in regards to penalties.


I think he feels good about where we’re going. Since it’s still an ongoing situation I’m not allowed to comment on it publicly.

If that’s not enough for you, here are a couple videos. First, here’s the press conference at which President Martin and Derrick Gragg introduced Verdi.

And here’s an EMU interview with Verdi.

*Not counting Shane Clipfell, acting head coach for most of 2006-07.


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