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Rob Murphy Gone?

August 14, 2012

Mlive and now CBS Sports are reporting that Rob Murphy is off to join the Orlando Magic in some sort of scouting capacity.  If this is correct it is obviously a blow to the EMU Men’s basketball program, as Murphy’s success last year and the combination of transfers, new recruits, and returning players had the program looking pretty solid for next season and beyond.  Should Murphy’s departure prove to be true, it makes the new coaching hire of extreme importance, we need someone who looks over our roster and feels like he can win with these players, now.  No more rebuilding…

Early candidates probably include the oft-mentioned Todd Lickliter, who just accepted a job as Head Coach at NAIA level Marion University, in Indianapolis.  Also former Texas Southern Head Coach Tony Harvey was well-regarded in the last go around of interviews.  And, of course, VCU Head Coach Shaka Smart.  Just kidding on the last one, I can dream can’t I?  I’ll throw out a wildcard in Michigan Assistant Bacari Alexander.  He knows the area and can recruit Detroit.  Certainly worth an interview.

Like most fans of EMU Hoops, I am quite disappointed in this move.  All in all a negative turn of events for the program.  Let’s see how A.D. Derrick Gragg handles this tricky situation.


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