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2012 football position by position: defensive line

August 28, 2012

As we’re just weeks away from the start of the football season, it’s time to take a detailed position-by-position look at the 2012 EMU football team. This is our time to refresh our memory about returning players, and learn a little about the new faces.

EMU faced off against Howard to start the football season

EMU fielded a solid defensive line last year, but has lost a big chunk of it. Photo by Kenneth Bailey

Lost: Jabar Westerman, Brad Ohrman, Brandon Slater, Javon Reese, Jasper Grimes.

Westerman is playing pro ball in the CFL after the British Columbia Lions traded up to take him with the #2 pick in that draft. Ohrman, Slater, Reese, and Westerman were all significant contributor’s to last year’s solid defensive line.

Expected starters: Kalonji Kashama, senior; Cy Maughmer, sophomore; Travis Linser, sophomore; Andy Mulumba, senior.

Maughmer and Linser are both junior college transfers who seem to have quickly impressed the coaching staff. Maughmer was already listed as a starter for spring practice, while Linser was a backup at that point, but it seems that the coaches have a lot of confidence in both of them. Kashama and Mulumba are the returning starters.

Depth: Devin Henderson, senior (junior college transfer); Mike Steals, freshman; Pat O’Connor, freshman; Omar McFarlane; redshirt freshman; Josh Peterson, freshman; Matt Price, redshirt junior; Alex Jones, freshman; Tony Thomas, freshman; Jacob Rich, redshirt sophomore; Mike Brown, freshman; Kevin Thomas, junior (junior college transfer); Bryce Hall, sophomore; Arron Pipkins, freshman.

When you look at that list, it becomes immediately apparent why Maughmer and Linser were able to work their way into the starting lineup so quickly: after Kashama and Mulumba, Price is the only player with any game experience (6 games in 2011). That’s why the top back-ups are Price, Henderson, Pipkins, and O’Connor. Given that he came in as a junior college transfer, I’d guess the Eagles are also looking for an immediate contribution from Kevin Thomas.

Read what Hustle Belt has to say about all the MAC defensive lines, where they rate EMU 7/13, which is probably fair given all the new faces.

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