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Rynearson Stadium game-day guide

September 7, 2012

EMU sez: park in the pink. Lots 1-10 and A-D are open and free!

Since it’s been nearly 10 months since the last football game at Rynearson Stadium, it’s probably a good idea to review the stadium and tailgating rules, which seem to be unchanged from last year.

All the parking lots marked 1-10 and A-D will be open and free, and all lots are designated tailgating areas, though of late, the preferred tailgating area seems to be lot #1, the grassy hill on the west side of Hewitt and south of the paved lots. Tailgating is permitted before the game, but not during (duh) or after (boo!). Drinking games, common source alcohol containers (kegs, punch bowls, etc.), glass beverage containers, and animals are prohibited, as is under-age drinking. As in the past, a courtesy shuttle will be running between all designated parking areas and the stadium.

The “EMU Alumni and Friends” tailgates will start two hours before kickoff of each game, in from of the main (west) entrance to Rynearson. The alumni relations folks really did an outstanding job last year, with music, giveaways, and catering by The Produce Station. It looks like they’re headed in the same direction this year, and it’s still $5, so if you don’t want to do your own tailgating, this is a pretty good option.

I see no changes to the stadium procedures. Gates to the stadium will open one hour before kickoff. All bags are subject to search upon entry to Rynearson Stadium, although I’ve never actually seen anyone’s bag searched here. If you need to leave the stadium, you’ll need to have your hand stamped and show your ticket stub to get back in.

Items prohibited from Rynearson Stadium include alcohol, coolers, outside food and beverages, cameras or camcorders on tripods, strollers, weapons, laser lights, illegal substances, and backpacks/bags over 10 x 10 (inches, I assume). Smoking is prohibited in the stadium, but there are designated smoking areas just outside. Explicitly allowed items include sealed water bottles, seat cushions, blankets, rain gear (they don’t say anything about umbrellas, and I know they’ve been allowed in previously, but if you do plan to bring one to a game, please be considerate of people sitting behind you), binoculars without a case, pagers (people still use them?), cell phones, hand-held cameras, small radios, diaper bags (with a baby), and purses smaller than 10 x 10 (again, I assume this is inches).

Restrooms are located under the stands on both sides of the stadium, as well as inside the Convocation Center. EMU says they’re all handicapped-accessible, but unless they’ve made off-season improvements, you’ll have to go into the Convocation Center for baby changing stations.

If you’re not able to make it to the game this afternoon, there are several common ways to stay updated, and I try to recap the relevant ones in a game-day post each week.

  • Last year the MAC did a great job of getting most of the MAC-hosted football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball games streamed online for free. The notable exceptions were games carried by one of the ESPN channels. If you’re going to try to watch online, I’d check there first.
  • For games carried on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN3 (online only), go to Watch ESPN for free streaming.
  • Watch online streaming video on Eagle All-Access. A monthly subscription is $9.95, a fall subscription (order by September 10, good though November 13) is $29.95, or an annual pass is $79.95.
  • Listen to the game on WEMU, 89.1 FM. Or, if you’re out of the area, listen online for free.
  • Follow the game on Twitter. Follow @EMUFB, @EagleTotemblog, and keep an eye on #EMUFB.
  • If you hunt around online, you’ll usually find several websites claiming to have free streaming video of the game. I’m dubious, and some of the sites seem sketchy, so I won’t link to them. With free legitimate streaming from the MAC or ESPN, I’m not sure why anyone would go this route, but if for some reason you feel the need, they shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look.

You can also talk about it in the comments on the Eagle Totem game day open threads — we have one for every football game. If you’re at the game and have a smartphone, WordPress’s nice mobile version is enabled — no special URL, just point your phone’s browser to — but please only during breaks in play!


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