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Depth chart for EMU at Michigan State

September 20, 2012

In addition to a complete reshuffling of kickoff and punt returners, three other listed starters have changed, though all three merely recognize changes that we’ve already seen on the field.


X receiver
Donald Scott
Quincy Jones

Z receiver
Dustin Creel
Dustin Daniels

H back
Jay Jones
Demarius Reed

Tight end
Garrett Hoskins
Dylan Brooks
Tyreese Russell

Left tackle
Korey Neal
Bobby McFadden

Left guard
Corey Watman
Campbell Allison

Andrew Sorgatz
Jordan Erbes

Right guard
Campbell Allison
Orlando McCord

Right Tackle
Bobby McFadden
Lincoln Hansen

Alex Gillett
Tyler Benz
Mark Iannotti

Running back
Dominique Sherrer
Javonti Greene
Ryan Brumfield
Bronson Hill

Matt Boyd


Defensive end
Kalonji Kashama
Matt Price
Omar McFarlane

Nose tackle
Cy Maughmer
Arron Pipkins

Defensive tackle
Devin Henderson
Travis Linser

Rush end
Andy Mulumba
Pat O’Conner

Weak-side linebacker
Justin Cudworth
Jake Pennese

Middle linebacker
Colin Weingrad
Sean Kurtz

Strong-side linebacker
Bryan Pali
Blake Poole

Left corner
Darius Scott
Kirkland Bryant

Right corner
Marcell Rose
Dominique Rouse

Strong safety
Kevin Johnson
Pudge Cotton

Free safety
Donald Coleman
Alex Bellfy

Special teams

Jay Karutz
Kody Fulkerson

Place kicker
Dylan Mulder
Kody Fulkerson

Long snapper
Mike Zupancic
Matt Bowman

Kickoff specialist
Kody Fulkerson
Dylan Mulder

Kickoff returner
Tyler Allen
Dominique Sherrer

Punt returner
Jay Jones
Alex Bellfy

Alex Gillett


  • One week after replacing David Gibson as the listed backup H-back, Jay Jones has now replaced Demarius Reed as the listed starter; Jones has actually started the last two weeks.
  • Matt Price and Omar McFarlane have flipped spots at defensive end (second-string/third-string) again. After missing the Illinois State game (no explanation), Kashama was back as the starting defensive end at Purdue.
  • Justin Cudworth, who did not play at Purdue (no explanation), is still listed as the starting weak side linebacker. Redshirt freshman Jake Pennese, who’s come off the bench in each game but recorded no stats (special teams, maybe?) has replaced freshman Ike Spearman as the listed backup. I’m not sure the backup at that position is all that significant, however, because whoever it is will probably be the #6 linebacker overall; I’d put the overall linebacker depth chart as Cudworth, Pali, Weingrad, Poole, and then Kurtz.
  • Marlon Pollard is no longer listed on the depth chart. I have no details, but he hasn’t been back in a game since he went out with an injury against Ball State. Darius Scott is now listed as the starting left corner, with Kirkland Bryant as the backup.
  • Alex Bellfy replaces Corey Manns as the backup free safety.
  • Dylan Mulder has replaced Kody Fulkerson as the place kicker, as we saw last week. I’m willing to chalk up his missed extra point to rookie jitters, and say that he probably can’t do much worse than what we saw from Fulkerson.
  • There has been a complete change at the kickoff and punt returner positions. I’m guessing that this is at least partly because Pollard is out (presumably injured) and Darius Scott is being called on to do more on defense as the starting left corner. It’s now Tyler Allen and Dominique Sherrer for kickoffs, with Jay Jones and Alex Bellfy for punts.
  • Ken Karcher is still the offensive coordinator.
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  1. September 21, 2012 4:34 am

    According to my source, I think we lost pollard for the entire year. I can’t completely recall the conversation about it but this may be the case.

    • September 21, 2012 5:46 am

      At this point I was starting to think that. Although since he’s already burned two years with his eligibility clock running (redshirted in 2009 at UCLA, then sat out 2010 after transferring), I don’t think there’d be any eligibility advantage to him not coming back once he’s physically able. I think the NCAA usually grants a sixth year for injuries in multiple seasons or injuries in the last year of normal eligibility (fifth year).

      • September 21, 2012 9:34 am

        Don’t quote me on this…

        If he comes back this year and plays, this year would count as an eligible year. If he is done for the entire season, he may (not sure) be granted this year’s eligibility next year (2013).

      • September 21, 2012 11:54 am

        I think he’s fine on eligible playing years (so far just last year and this year), it’s the five-year clock that’s going to get him.

        1. 2009 – redshirted at UCLA
        2. 2010 – sat out at EMU after transferring
        3. 2011 – played (first year)
        4. 2012 – played/injured (second year)
        5. 2013 – can play (third year)

        2013 will be only his third year playing (including this year), but it will be the end of his five-year clock. The NCAA normally only grants a sixth year “if something outside of the control of the student-athlete and the institution takes away two years” — in other words, multiple years of injury. John Infante wrote about this on the blog last December. Latarrius Thomas, for example, got a sixth year based on injuries that cost him multiple seasons (2007 and 2010).

        For Pollard, this means that he’ll be eligible to play in 2013 regardless of what happens this year, but the only way he could play in 2014 is if he misses 2012 AND 2013 for medical reasons (or something else outside his control and outside EMU’s control).

  2. September 21, 2012 11:57 am

    Good breakdown. He’s a good player. I would like to see him on the field.


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