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Eagle Totem is moving!

September 30, 2012

I’m pleased to inform you that, if all goes well, the next article you read on Eagle Totem will be on our new website.

The new main URL will be (if you go there now, it will send you back here). Aside from a more respectable-looking URL that’s far easier to remember, there will be several content-related benefits. The new site will have unlimited file storage, so we will able to upload and use lots of images, audio recordings, and videos. Also, this will allow more flexibility in terms of content, including the ability to embed licensed video from the Mid-American Conference. We’ve been approved to use MAC video for nearly a year, but couldn’t due to technical restrictions imposed by the free web host,

If you have Eagle Totem bookmarked or linked from another website, you can go ahead and change your link now. If you currently follow Eagle Totem on Facebook or Twitter and just click the links from there, the only change will be that the links will send you to If you are subscribed for email notifications, that will probably also transfer, and you will continue to receive email notifications for the new site. Nine people are subscribed through (as signed-in users) for email notifications, and those nine people will need to sign up on the new site to continue getting the notifications. (I can see identities but not contact information, so I can’t contact you, but I can verify it if you email me at

If you read Eagle Totem in an RSS reader, the new feed will probably be, but I won’t swear to that right now. If you have a Kindle subscription, the change should be nearly seamless, although new posts may be delayed during the changeover.

Thank you in advance for putting up with the inevitable technical problems that will arise over the next few days, and also thank you for your support.

Go Green!

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