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This blog is dedicated to coverage of Eastern Michigan University athletics. We’ll criticize when criticism is due (e.g. when the football team goes 0-12), but don’t be surprised to see unabashed boosterism as well, since we are, after all, fans! This site is fully independent; it’s not owned by a larger company or part of a blog network. At present this is a non-revenue producing site, which means that no one involved in making it is getting paid. Any advertisements you see are inserted by the web host,

The blog name:

I chose this name to tie in to the eagle mascot that EMU has used since 1991, as well as the native American mascot (Hurons) used from 1929 through 1990. Although the Hurons, who called themselves the Wendat, did not, as far as I can tell, originally carve huge totem poles in the fashion of the peoples of the Pacific Northwest, they did apparently have the concept of the totem, and at least since the start of the twentieth century, did take up the practice of carving totem poles.

Images, copyright, etc.:

Images that are legitimately in the public domain or that have been assigned a free license (e.g., Creative Commons) by their creator are strongly preferred. Original photos are also often assigned a free license and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons; Eagle Totem supports the free culture movement. In all cases, clicking on an image will take you to the source, where you can often find more information about the image and a higher-resolution version.

Any text at Eagle Totem is copyrighted by the contributor of that text (as indicated in each article by-line). Contributors are free to reuse and allow others to reuse their work, or not, as they see fit.

Contacting us:

You can reach us at Or, you can just leave a comment on this page; we’ll remove it after reading, though it may briefly be publicly viewable.

Comment moderation:

Your first comment will be held for moderation. After you have had one comment approved, subsequent comments will not need approval unless they trip the spam filter. If it seems that a comment adds nothing to the conversation and exists only to post a link, especially to a commercial site, it will probably be removed. Otherwise, we tend to err on the side of allowing all comments. This policy may change if it gets to be a problem, so be cool.

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  1. October 26, 2010 8:47 am

    Hey, good to see a MAC blog. You guys are few and far between. We do a series each year profiling opponents, so we will be sure to be in touch with you about the 2011 PSU-EMU game. -Mike

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