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Kinsman Thomas pleads guilty to aggravated assault

September 27, 2012

This is not a rumor and this is not speculation. has reported that former EMU wide receiver Kinsman Thomas pled guilty to two counts of aggravated assault yesterday.

On December 14, 2011, a male EMU student reported that, while walking alone along the south side of Pease Auditorium (that’s the side facing Cross Street) at about 4:40 am that morning, “he was struck from behind and pushed to the ground by three men” who he described as having athletic builds, in their late teens or early 20s. The attackers took his bag, which contained a laptop computer.

On Monday, April 16, warrants were issued for the three attackers, described at the time as a 23-year-old EMU student and a 19- and a 21-year-old non-student. We now know that Thomas was the 21-year-old non-student. The charges against each were assault with intent to rob while unarmed and unarmed robbery, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years.

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Tuesday Tidbits know no boundaries

September 27, 2012

Yeah yeah Wednesday Thursday blah blah. “Tuesday Tidbits” is not a description, it’s the name of a feature. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The rest of the story is that I got so caught up in all the NFL drama, which I found particularly interesting given T.J. Lang’s involvement, that I just never got around to writing up the tidbits. Speaking of Lang and the NFL, we’ll start there with an update on the story.

You may recall (I hope you do, it was only a few days ago) that one of Lang’s tweets invited NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to fine him (“Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”), and indeed, given the NFL’s history in cracking down on criticism of officiating, a hefty fine seemed likely. This morning an NFL spokesman announced that none of the Packers players would be fined for their post-game comments. Let’s face it, this is probably about as close as the NFL is ever going to get to a mea culpa.

Last minute update: The NFL has announced that they’ve reached a deal with the real officials, who will return immediately.

After 39 years with the EMU Athletic Media Relations Office, Jim Streeter is retiring effective October 19. A 1973 EMU alumnus with a major in physical education and minors in journalism and history, “Streets” is EMU’s fourth Sports Information Director/Media Relations Director, heading up the office for 37 of its 52 years. Personally, in covering EMU athletics on Eagle Totem, I’ve worked primarily with Assistant Media Relations Director Greg Steiner, but the few times I’ve dealt with Streeter he’s been unfailingly kind and helpful. I join many others in wishing him the best in his retirement.

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T.J. Lang: making waves, making us proud!

September 25, 2012

EMU alumnus and starting guard for the Green Bay Packers T.J. Lang made headlines in a way that no EMU football player has since…well, maybe ever. Just in case you missed it, here’s our story so far:

1. The NFL owners are engaged in a contract dispute with the officials. The owners locked the officials out, and hired replacements.

2. The replacements don’t have experience officiating game play at anything near this level — most of them have only officiated high school and Division III football, with a few having experience in the XFL (indoor pro football) and Division I. Also, apparently some of them previously officiated the Lingerie Football League, but were fired for on-field incompetence. (Really.)

3. The replacements have done a terrible job. As much as we all gripe about “normal” officiating, this is far, far worse. The replacement officials do not have any control over the game, and it’s a matter of time until this lawlessness results in a serious injury to a player.

4. This came to a head last night, on Monday Night Football, when a series of blown calls, culminating in a non-call on blatant pass interference and the ruling of a touchdown when the defender clearly had possession, gave the win to the Seahawks over the Packers. It’s all pretty clear from the replays we’ve seen over and over today, but what you don’t get a sense of on replay is how bizarre the whole thing felt — play after play — as it happened live.

5. No one, except a few Seahawks fans, took this very well. (Even some Seahawks players, once they saw the  replay, apparently agreed with or at least understood the outrage, and an unidentified player on one of the Packers’ NFC North rivals termed it “the worst call in NFL history”.) Packers players, understandably, took it quite hard.

T.J. Lang took the lead in expressing his anger at the officiating, and he expressed it publicly, posting repeated comments on Twitter in the hours after the loss.

(Follow after the jump for more, including the uncensored tweets.)
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How did EMU’s 2012 opponents do in week 4?

September 24, 2012

Hustle Belt debated whether Saturday was MAC football’s best day ever or merely the best day since 2003. In other words, EMU’s 2012 opponents did good.

Team W L Total % Conf W L Conf % Last Next
Ball State 3 1 75% MAC 1 0 100% Won 31-27 vs. South Florida 9/29 at Kent State
Illinois State 4 0 100% Missouri Valley 1 0 100% Won 23-3 at Western Illinois 9/29 at South Dakota
Purdue 2 1 67% Big Ten 0 0 N/A Bye (won 54-16 vs. EMU) 9/29 vs. Marshall
Michigan State 3 1 75% Big Ten 0 0 N/A Won 23-7 vs. EMU 9/29 vs. Ohio State
Kent State 2 1 67% MAC 1 0 100% Won 23-7 at Buffalo 9/29 vs. Ball State
Toledo 3 1 75% MAC 1 0 100% Won 38-28 vs. Coastal Carolina 9/29 at Western Michigan
Army 0 3 0% Independent N/A N/A N/A Lost 49-37 at Wake Forest 9/29 vs. Stony Brook
Bowling Green 1 3 25% MAC 0 1 0% Lost 37-0 at Virginia Tech 9/29 vs. Rhode Island
Ohio 4 0 100% MAC 0 0 N/A Won 44-10 vs. Norfolk State 9/29 at Massachusetts
Central Michigan 2 1 67% MAC 0 0 N/A Won 32-31 at Iowa 9/29 at Northern Illinois
Western Michigan 2 2 50% MAC 0 0 N/A Won 30-24 vs. Connecticut 9/29 vs. Toledo
Northern Illinois 3 1 75% MAC 0 0 N/A Won 30-23 vs. Kansas 9/29 vs. Central Michigan
Total 29 15 66% 4 1 80%
Past 12 3 80% 2 0 100%
Upcoming 17 12 59% 2 1 67%

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EMU at Michigan State open thread

September 22, 2012

Game day!

We’ve looked at EMU’s depth chart. We’ve looked at Michigan State the team, and we interrogated a Michigan State blogger.

Now it’s just time to sit back and enjoy the game. The weather forecast is calling for a 50% chance of rain, with temperatures steady in the mid-50s for most of the day, and winds in the low teens. This could make for a sloppy game on Michigan State’s natural grass field, which some people say will hurt the passing games, and some people say will help the running games, and some people say will help the defenses, and some people say will help the offenses…

If you’re staying in Ypsi, the game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network (online too, but probably $$$), as well as the usual WEMU 89.1 FM radio broadcast, also streamed online.

Open thread is now open. Discuss!

Q&A with The Only Colors

September 21, 2012

This week I interrogated Chris Vannini of The Only Colors. Chris actually contacted me for a Q&A over the summer; you can read what I wrote in those happier days before the season actually started, and then ponder how the first three games have changed the outlook when you read what I wrote for him this week.

1. Three games in, your thoughts on Andrew Maxwell?

He’s been about as expected, honestly. Outside of the first half against Boise State, he hasn’t turned the ball over, and his completion percentage on the year is 57 percent, and that’s without much help from his receivers. He seemed to panic a bit last week with his offensive line crumbling before him, but his decision-making has greatly improved since a three-interception first half against Boise State. He’s been able to make the throws, but his receivers too often haven’t been able to make the catch.

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Depth chart for EMU at Michigan State

September 20, 2012

In addition to a complete reshuffling of kickoff and punt returners, three other listed starters have changed, though all three merely recognize changes that we’ve already seen on the field.


X receiver
Donald Scott
Quincy Jones

Z receiver
Dustin Creel
Dustin Daniels

H back
Jay Jones
Demarius Reed

Tight end
Garrett Hoskins
Dylan Brooks
Tyreese Russell

Left tackle
Korey Neal
Bobby McFadden

Left guard
Corey Watman
Campbell Allison

Andrew Sorgatz
Jordan Erbes

Right guard
Campbell Allison
Orlando McCord

Right Tackle
Bobby McFadden
Lincoln Hansen

Alex Gillett
Tyler Benz
Mark Iannotti

Running back
Dominique Sherrer
Javonti Greene
Ryan Brumfield
Bronson Hill

Matt Boyd


Defensive end
Kalonji Kashama
Matt Price
Omar McFarlane

Nose tackle
Cy Maughmer
Arron Pipkins

Defensive tackle
Devin Henderson
Travis Linser

Rush end
Andy Mulumba
Pat O’Conner

Weak-side linebacker
Justin Cudworth
Jake Pennese

Middle linebacker
Colin Weingrad
Sean Kurtz

Strong-side linebacker
Bryan Pali
Blake Poole

Left corner
Darius Scott
Kirkland Bryant

Right corner
Marcell Rose
Dominique Rouse

Strong safety
Kevin Johnson
Pudge Cotton

Free safety
Donald Coleman
Alex Bellfy

Special teams

Jay Karutz
Kody Fulkerson

Place kicker
Dylan Mulder
Kody Fulkerson

Long snapper
Mike Zupancic
Matt Bowman

Kickoff specialist
Kody Fulkerson
Dylan Mulder

Kickoff returner
Tyler Allen
Dominique Sherrer

Punt returner
Jay Jones
Alex Bellfy

Alex Gillett

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